What is was like at the top of the world.
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See now this just kind of makes me made. If you were a true fan you would just go spend the money and give them the money they deserve for making such a good movie or you just wait for the DVD if you have no money. Yeah, it may be fine with other movies that…

Guess what dickhole? I already saw the movie in theaters, just want to watch it again. So don’t go judging people just because you feel like you have to put yourself on a pedestal because you’re so much better than everybody. Have a happy fucking new year, boner. 

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I swear to god Amy Poehler gets high before she goes to any award show.

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Does anyone know of anywhere online where I could watch a full performance of Peter and the Starcatcher? Thanks!!

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I havent posted in a while because I am out living…. and being cool. Suck it tumblr. 

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A-Z of Tina Fey
↳ P: Profanity.

I’m sorry, and people wonder why I idolize you?

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I want to write an analysis for my literature class using specific quotes but I can’t find the script anywhere. Help please! 

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Tina Fey for president 

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My favorite show in the entire history of the world ended yesterday. I am so overwhelmed with emotions. Its very sappy to say, but 30 Rock literally changed my life. I wish it wasn’t over, but what a way to end. 

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We were not like the prior situation comedies about husbands and wives.  You know, where the housewife was vacuuming in a big flowered frock and I said ‘I’d really like to wear pants, because that’s what I wear as a housewife.’ And they let me do it, but they were very nervous.Mary Tyler Moore on The Dick Van Dyke Show

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